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Saving Lives with clean water solutions
Saving Lives with clean water solutions

One Billion People Need Vision Correction and Cannot Afford It -- World Health Organization

Vision Now! © Can Make Vision Correction Affordable to Everyone
Imagine giving people a chance to see, and the opportunity it gives them!




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70% of the people in the world are far sighted and can't see close up or read. With our eyeglasses, their world can change, allowing them close work, reading, and a chance for education and jobs. Many would be able to see their family and they have never been able to see them before. Near sighted people with our eyeglasses can see where they are going, read road signs, drive vehicles, spot their children far away, and see danger coming.

You can help the poor and homeless with their vision problems in your own community. This can be done through churches, health clinics, and other NGO's in the local area.
For the rest of the world, we can bring sight to those who cannot afford eyeglasses via mission trips.

We provide kits with 100 or 250 pairs of eyeglass frames and lenses. The kits contain three different frame arm lengths and 15 different diopters lenses. The net result are glasses comparible to what you would play more than $100 for in a local optical store.
We provide a simple vision test that can be given to determine what prescription is needed. The glasses are then assembled with right size frames, and in a matter of minutes the client walks out with a new life ahead of them.

Vision Now's cost is $3 per eyeglass pair. We sell them to mission groups at our cost, therefore making this a sustainable charity venture for Vision Now. The glasses can be resold for $4-$10, depending upon what the clients can afford.
Vision Now! buys large quantities of parts and sells those parts at their cost